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From July 2018, outoftheCUBE has taken a new direction and is no longer working via this website. The brand has been refreshed under the name outoftheCUBE-sa, and the new site will gradually introduce a select stable of South African artists whose work will be promoted locally and internationally. 
However, this archive was the original outoftheCUBE hub, designed to hold all our exhibitions in full along with their associated research. It stands as witness to five years of work.
We attempted to build outoftheCUBE into a useful tool for students, educators, or anyone with an interest in our country's contemporary visual art, offering the opportunity to look at the work of artists not always readily available for research. 
The outoftheCUBE archive 2013-2017 is a well-referenced online space that is fast and logical to navigate. We hope that it is still of value for students and researchers.