‘to hit’ from the series ‘Loops of Relation’.  Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds Date: August 2013. Programming:  Arduino and Max/MSP/Jitter

We sit face to face at a desk.
Nelmarie du Preez:  I slap his face.
Ulay:  I receive her slap, calculate its intensity and shock her face according to that intensity.
We continue this until one of us gets tired.



In this performance I incorporate an old CRT computer screen, which I embed with sensors. These sensors detect when I have slapped the screen on the side of its ‘head’ and at which intensity I do so. The sensors control a pre-recorded movie of myself dressed as Gui, wherein I proceed to slap myself in the face. Once I have proceeded to slap the computer screen, it sends a message to electrodes that are inserted into the circuit and attached to my cheek. Once a slap is recorded, a digital ‘slapping’ is induced and an electrical current is sent to my cheek, which makes it jump as if I had been slapped. The intensity at which this current is sent is directly controlled by the intensity of the way that I slap the screen.



Macbook Pro

Arduino Mega

Infrared Sensors

Piezo Mic