‘to shout’ from the series ‘Loops of Relation’.  Duration: 1 minute 11 seconds.  Date:  July 2013. Programming:  Processing and Max/MSP

We are facing each other.
Nelmarie du Preez:  I begin to produce a continuous vocal sound.
Gui:  I listen for her voice and produce my own sound.
Nelmarie du Preez:  I slowly build up the tension.
Gui:  I follow the tension and calculate the intensity which alters my voice.
We are screaming into each other’s open mouths until we break.



In this work, which is a re-interpretation of ‘AAA-AAA’ (1978), I have pre-recorded myself screaming the word ‘aaa’ at different intensities, but here I am dressed as my male-other Gui (representing Ulay’s role). These film recordings are filtered through algorithms, which listen for intensity in sound-input volume. My ‘live’ screaming as Marina, is firstly sent through a filter which records and shifts the pitch of my voice to a lower register in order to create a ‘male’ sounding voice which is then played back. This recording is sent to the visualisation of Gui on screen and through a set of instructions within my program the forward and backward movement of Gui’s face is controlled in relation to the volume of the recorded screaming.

Therefore Gui’s voice and movements is directly dependant on the volume of my ‘live’ screaming. If I scream loudly, so does Gui and if I take a breath he will take one as well. When the screaming reaches a certain threshold the representation of Gui on screen begins to show digital ‘glitches’ through various intensities of pixilation. A histogram of the images, which are altered, is calculated and these values are then fed back into the sound system in order to modify Gui’s voice even further. This creates a continuous feedback loop by means of interaction between Gui and myself.


Macbook Pro

Line-in Microphone with pre-amp


Processing + Minim Library