‘to rely’ from the series 'Loops of Relation'.   Duration: 2 minutes 22 seconds. Date: July 2013. Programming: Urbiscript and Processing

We stand across from each other in slated position.
Nelmarie du Preez:  I hold a bow.
Gui:  I hold the string with the arrow pointing it directly at her heart.
Nelmarie du Preez:  I program him to shake and get nervous according to my hands movements.

Both our hands begin to shake.



In this performance Gui’s body is extended with a robotic arm to re-interpret ‘Rest Energy’. This arm is triggered into movement, grabs the arrow (held by me) and pulls back. The arm rests in its pulled back position, but within the coding that controls the arm a ‘jittery’ movement has been added to have Gui become shacky at random intervals as if he becomes tired which adds a ‘human’ element to his performance.


Lenovo ThinkPad with Ubuntu installed



Bioloid Servos