‘to stab’ from the series ‘Loops of Relation’ (2013). Duration: 45 seconds. Programming: Urbiscript and Processing.

Nelmarie du Preez:  I place both my hands on a table.
Gui:  I hold a knife
Nelmarie du Preez:  I instruct him where and when to stab the knife.
Gui:  I listen for her instructions.  I calculate when and where to stab the knife.


In this performance I am using one of Marina’s solo performances as insperation and I have Gui take part in my re-enactment of her work ‘Rhythm 10′, where she plays the ‘knife game’ stabing several knives continuosly between her fingers on a surface. Unlike Marina, I employ Gui again to perform this re-enactment with me. He consists of a computerized robotic arm controlled by an algorithm which controls where and when he would stab the knife.


Lenovo ThinkPad with Ubuntu installed



Bioloid Servos